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Florida, USA

Seminole Tribe of Florida


Total population

4,244 enrolled members in 2019

Regions with significant populations

 Florida ( United States)


English, SpanishMiccosukeeCreek


traditional Seminole religion, Christianity

Related ethnic groups

Seminole Nation of OklahomaMiccosukeeMuscogee people (Creek)

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a federally recognized Seminole tribe based in the U.S. state of Florida. Together with the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, it is one of three federally recognized Seminole entities. It received that status in 1957; today it has six Indian reservations in Florida.

In 1975, the Tribe established tax-free smoke shops and a high-stakes bingo operation that became one of the first tribal gaming endeavors in the United States. These ventures, particularly the gaming operation, have generated significant revenues for education, welfare and economic development. A 2005 tribal audit said it took in $1.1 billion in revenues that year.[2] The tribe requires members to have at least one-quarter Seminole blood quantum.

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